Win a Lambo

DSQ Solutions is dedicated to exceeding expectations. That is why we are proud to host an unprecedented NFT lottery event, arguably the best the industry has ever seen!

5,000 available

0.027 ETH each

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Lottery Prizes

We are offering an exciting opportunity to win from a total of 226 prizes. Participants who hold one of the 5,000 special Lamborghini NFTs, priced at just 0.027 ETH each, could potentially secure significant rewards. All proceeds will be reinvested into our ecosystem through strategic buybacks and burns, injecting $250,000 back into the project to increase its price floor.

Prize Pool
One Lamborghini (Model to be Announced)
25 prizes of $2,000 each
100 prizes of $1,000 each
100 prizes of $500 each
Charity Projects
In line with our commitment to giving back, DSQ Solutions will allocate ten $5,000 prizes to support various charitable causes, including:
  • Cancer Research
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Research
  • Diabetes Research
  • Animal Support
  • Child Support
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Establishment of 15 water wells for villages in need
  • Three additional causes chosen by our community
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NFT Use Cases

What will become of your Lamborghini NFT's once the lottery draws to a close?
Rest assured, we have devised exciting plans for the continued utility of these NFT's.

Future NFT Utility
Post-lottery draw, the Lamborghini NFTs will continue to hold long-term value. We are currently developing a Play-to-Earn game where the NFT will act as a digital key, allowing holders to:
  • Engage in immersive mini-games
  • Upgrade and race virtual vehicles
  • Stake DSQ tokens for potential rewards and token burns
This unique NFT also serves as a key component in an exclusive set that activates additional utilities in our future collections. Ownership of this NFT enhances the experience and interaction within our evolving gaming platform, pushing boundaries into an open-world experience where holders can interact with other players, continually upgrade their virtual vehicle, and earn rewards.
Stake your tokens at the start of a race for a chance to increase your $DSQ token holdings significantly. Plus at the end of each race, there will be a token burn, further enhancing the value and scarcity of $DSQ tokens.

Accelerated development of the game itself will commence when $DSQ hits $1.